“This dimension is used by the gods to banish waste, both living and physical. It has seas of extremely poisonous fluid known as ‘Technowater.’ TRAVEL IS HEAVILY NOT ADVISED. Its portal is made of Black Glazed Terracotta.” - The Dimensional Almanac

This dimension was originally an Overworld-esque lively dimension, but after waste leakage from the Interlopan-Enderdragon war, it became essentially the multiverse’s waste dump. Many, many people were banished here by various multiversal powers, and became Banished Spirits.


This dimension is one of a few that a player can respawn in. This makes it such that banished people can’t leave by just killing themselves.


This dimension has seas of Technowater, an extremely poisonous fluid. It has land made of Gravel, Mossy Cobblestone, and Waste Ground. It is populated by Banished Spirits and has ‘'’trees’’’ made of clay.


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