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Category Name
Commands Dimensional Almanac
Dimension Abandoned Dimension
Dimension Origin Dimension / Abandoned Dimension (Past)
Dimension Infinite Caves Dimension
Dimension Goldmine Dimension
Dimension Jungle Dimension
Dimension Deepest Forest Dimension
Dimension Infinite Glacier Dimension
Dimension Infinite Glacier Dimension (Past)
Dimension Eternal Ocean
Dimension The Candy Dimension
Dimension The Crazy Dimension
Dimension Purple Dimension
Dimension The Sky Dimension
Dimension The Sky Dimension (Past)
Dimension Interlopia
Dimension Interlopia (Past)
Dimension The Corrupted Dimension
Dimension The Corrupted Dimension (Past)
Dimension Primordial Dimension
Dimension The Chaos Dimension
Dimension Technofell
Dimension Technofell (Past)
Dimension End (Past)
Block / Material Eternal Bricks
Block / Material Eternal Silt
Block / Material Purple Grass
Block / Material Purple Dirt
Block / Material Purple Stone
Block / Material Corrupted Dirt
Block / Material Corrupted Stone
Block / Material Candy Dirt
Block / Material Candy Stone
Block / Material Primordial Dirt
Block / Material Primordial Stone
Block / Material Crazy Rock
Block / Material Waste Ground
Block / Material Purple Brick
Block / Material Shocked Silt
Block / Material Clean Stone
Block / Crafted Icegem Block
Block / Explosive Nuke
Block / Explosive Water Bomb
Block / Explosive Electro Bomb
Block / Ore Ice Ore
Fluid Purple Fluid
Fluid Goldwater
Fluid Juice
Fluid Technowater
Fluid Candy Fluid
Fluid Super Fluid
Fluid Liquid Mercury
Material Eternal Clay
Material Eternal Brick
Material Purple Shard
Material Ice Gem
Material Interlopan Shard
Material Shard of the Past
Material Shard of the Future
Food / Material Candy Dust
Food Chocolate Bar
Armor Purple Armor
Armor Ice Armor
Armor Interloper Armor
Armor Interloper Commander Armor
Weapon Water Bow
Weapon Void Bow
Weapon Fire Bow
Weapon Air Bow
Weapon Purple Bow
Weapon Electric Bow
Weapon Bow of Elemental Creation
Weapon Bow of Elemental Destruction
Tool Purple Pickaxe
Structure Portal Hallway
Structure Destroyed Portal Hallway
Structure Portal Hallway Ruins
Structure Interloper Houses
Structures Interloper Ships
Structure Water Fortress
Structure Fire Fortress
Structure Purple Fortress
Structure Air Fortress
Structure Electric Fortress
Structure Void Fortress